Richard W. Caperton

Richard W. Caperton is a policy analyst with the Energy Opportunity team at American Progress. He works on several issues related to the transition to a clean energy economy, including renewable energy finance and investment in energy infrastructure. Prior to joining American Progress, Richard was a policy fellow at the Alliance for Climate Protection and worked in government relations at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan at rally

Paul Ryan’s budget plan is very nice to Big Oil

Paul Ryan's proposed budget would keep Big Oil fat and happy while condemning the rest of us to high energy prices, job losses to other nations, and air pollution.

A national clean energy standard is good policy — and good politics

Americans support a clean energy target for this country. So why is the Senate dragging its heels on the Clean Energy Standard Act?

DOE Loan Guarantee Program will cost $2 billion less than expected

Shocker: An independent analysis of the DOE Loan Guarantee Program found that loan guarantees for energy have been successful, cost-effective investments.

Everyone wins with clean energy standards

Cross-posted from Climate Progress. Imagine if we could create jobs, increase renewable energy generation, improve air quality across the country, and reduce our carbon dioxide pollution — all at effectively zero cost to our economy. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, …

The Heritage Foundation is wrong in opposing all federal loans

Government loans create American jobs and help small businesses get off the ground.Cross-posted from Climate Progress. This year, hundreds of small businesses will expand operations with money borrowed from the government. Thousands of 18-year-olds will pay their freshman-year tuition with …

CBO: Clean energy standards are an affordable way to cut emissions

The Congressional Budget Office found that shifting to cleaner electricity generation is an affordable and effective way to reduce carbon emissions.

Utilities and regulators design energy rates, regardless of the power source

We often talk about electric rates as if the only thing that goes into determining them is the power source. In some sense, this is right: If a utility’s power costs go up, and nothing else changes, the price they …

Paul Ryan’s Big Oil budget halts energy innovation

Rep. Paul Ryan.Photo: Gage SkidmoreCross-posted from the Center for American Progress. House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) proposed fiscal year 2012 budget resolution is a backward-looking plan that would benefit Big Oil companies at the expense of middle-class Americans. …

Taking on the global energy investment challenge

A report released today provides a progress report on commitments to clean energy development in China, India, Nigeria, and South Africa.