Russ Choma

Russ Choma is a reporter for Mother Jones.


Trump’s campaign manager is as shady on clean energy as you’d expect

Corey Lewandowski led a double life as a solar power lobbyist while publicly fighting taxpayer-funded clean-energy projects.

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American stimulus funds benefiting foreign wind energy firms

The Investigative Reporting Workshop released a report on Thursday detailing how one of the first big chunks of money for clean energy under the stimulus package is actually being spent. Our findings (I was the lead reporter on the story) …

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Sampling the competing flavors of the Senate climate debate

When it comes to the debate over climate and energy legislation, there are those in Congress and business for whom any bill will always be too much, and there are lawmakers and environmental groups for whom no bill will ever …

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Climate bill breakdown

We’ve taken a good long look at CEJAPA, the 801-page Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act that was introduced recently by Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.). Now, it’s time to see how the Senate bill compares …

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Memo to Congress: Don’t dawdle on climate bill

Even though the Senate hasn’t even begun debating a specific climate bill, naysayers at home and abroad are already declaring as dead on arrival the effort to pass climate and energy legislation in the United States this year. And who …