Sara Peach

Sara Peach is a multimedia environmental journalist based in North Carolina.

Climate & Energy

A conversation with Indian youth activist Ruchi Jain

Ruchi Jain, 23, was working as a marketer in Mumbai, India, when she left her job to become a full-time climate activist. Today she works with the Indian Youth Climate Network and, and she traveled to Copenhagen in December …

Climate & Energy

VIDEO: Activists beaten by police after march from Bella Center

Youth activists were beaten by police this morning in Copenhagen after they marched out of the Bella Center, shouting “Reclaim power!” and “Climate justice now!” During the second week of the COP15 talks in Copenhagen, the number of activists allowed …

Climate & Energy

Postcard from Saturday’s mass climate demonstration in Copenhagen

Saturday’s mass march to the Bella Center, where climate talks are ongoing, was boisterous and colorful, but largely peaceful. I expect that the tone of the demonstrations will shift in the next week as climate activists make a last-ditch push …

Climate & Energy

Inside the youth movement at Copenhagen

Today is “Young and Future Generations Day” at the Copenhagen climate talks, where at least 1,000 youth from dozens of countries are in attendance. So far this week, youth activists have put on dozens of media stunts, such as dressing …