Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a reporter based in New York City who covers environment, energy, and sustainability issues, among other things.

Giant wind turbine on wheels can be set up anywhere you want

It's sort of like a Transformer wind turbine.

Dolphins can stay more or less awake for 15 days straight

Scientists have known for awhile that dolphins can stay awake by turning only half their brains to sleep mode. What they do not know is how long dolphins can keep this up.

This 18-mile-long crack in Antarctic ice could birth an iceberg bigger than Manhattan

It might look like a hairline fracture from that far above, but it's actually massive.

N.Y.C. could solve congestion with a halo-like sky walkway

It's a little bit dreamy.

Stopping the next great extinction could cost just $11.42 per person per year

This is according to a new study in Science, which estimates that it would cost $80 billion per year to stop extinction.

Giant monster sushi is as big as your head

These are not "sustainable food," to say the least.

Now that you can send smells through your phone, why even bother leaving the house?

A Japanese company has created a device that attaches to the bottom of an iPhone and that sends smells over the internet.

Bikers are better than drivers for the economy

Bikers, it turns out, are better consumers than car-drivers.

Squirrel population explosion: Less cute than it sounds

Because it was so warm last winter, there are now tons of squirrels around. And they're hungry.