Sarah Miller

Artist displays chunks of real glaciers as sculpture

This exhibit at MoMA consists of glacier chunks, flown from Iceland, sitting in an artificially cooled room. Maybe not the most environmentally friendly statement.

California almost got an amazing bicycle superhighway 116 years ago

It's too bad this beautiful bike path from the olden days never got a chance to exist.

Harvard researchers, on road to useful discoveries, instead make tiny chemical flowers

Scientists at Harvard can make teeny tiny flowers out of chemicals. No, they can't do the flowers for your wedding. Unless everyone you know is invisible to the naked eye, too.

Frackers get their own clothing line

The latest in fashion? Clothing that keeps you safe from fire. They're calling it frackwear.

Orphaned polar bear finds home and roommate

That adorable polar bear orphaned in Alaska found a home at a Buffalo zoo.

Antarctica’s “bleeding glacier” is kind of terrifying

Don't worry, it's just ketchup. No, wait, it's just runoff from a hidden lake.

Americans’ main complaint about water is that it tastes too much like water

There are a lot of Americans who think water's boring unless it tastes like artificial flavors and sweeteners.

This concept bike has a built-in filter to clean crappy air

The energy you put into pedaling this bike powers an air purifier so you can breathe better. Unless it rains and the whole thing electrocutes you.

Taco Bell has invented the waffle taco

Taco Bell is testing a waffle taco. It's the end of days. Or it's the greatest news ever.