Sarah Miller

North Korea claims to have discovered an ancient unicorn lair

It was bound to happen sooner or later, what with all those unicorns running around.

World’s largest aquarium criticized for capturing endangered dolphins

The biggest aquarium in the world has opened in Singapore. It features 25 bottle-nosed dolphins who had been living pretty happily in the wild.

You can make these cool (expensive) LED light bulbs change color using your phone

Amazing new light bulbs last 20 years, light a path for you as you walk around the house, and even flash to your favorite beats.

Apparently, charging $7 for a cup of coffee makes suckers believe it tastes better

Starbucks put out a fancy coffee and Jimmy Kimmel held a taste taste. Only it wasn't a very fair one.

Elderly Californians: Please watch out for poison mushroom soup

The California Department of Public Health has been issuing warnings about wild mushrooms since 2009. But last week, four people died eating them.

Prehistoric poo yields clues about concentration of people in the environment

Scientists have found that a chemical found in human feces is a good way to figure out where people have lived and for how long and in what concentrations.

Swedish town is installing antidepressant bus stops

Umea, Sweden installed anti-bum-out UV lights at its bus stops. They are hoping to decrease depression caused by a long, dark winter.

The Navy is laying off most of its trained spy-dolphins

A few have to stick around and like, look for mines and stuff. Sucks.

Cambridge scholars will study how robots are going to kill us all

Professional smart people who get paid to think about the future are exploring what they see as the rather plausible idea that robots will wipe us out.