Sean Casten

Sean Casten is president & CEO of Recycled Energy Development, LLC, a company devoted to profitably reducing greenhouse emissions.

  • Things to Worry About in 2014: US Electric Grid Edition

    The US electric sector is surprisingly easy to understand.  It’s big, capital-intensive, complicated and integral to our standard of living – which gives it a massive bias in favor of the status quo.  Neither its owners nor its regulators have …

  • How hard is it to integrate renewables into the grid?

    In January, EEI said [PDF] that the incentives paid to renewable energy are going to jeopardize grid reliability and electricity costs.  Many enviros have responded that this represents nothing more than the utility industry’s naked self interest.  Who’s right? I’d …

  • Solar grows up — now what?

    Solar has grown up and earned a seat at the big kids table. But that means the fights are going to get nastier.

  • Thoughts on economic growth and energy slaves

    Increased access to energy seems responsible for much of the economic growth of the last two centuries. That raises an unsettling question about future growth.

  • EPA’s Boiler MACT Is an Economic Growth Opportunity

    The new EPA air toxics standards, or “Boiler MACT” will tighten the pollution allowances for industrial (e.g., non-utility) coal boilers, and are widely and consistently being criticized as a threat to a still-fragile economy.  This criticism is coming from the …

  • How wind power fits into our energy diet

    Wind is a critical part of a clean and reliable energy future. But only in moderation, as part of a balanced grid diet.

  • The U.S. electricity mix in 20 years: A prediction

    What will the U.S. power mix look like in 10 to 20 years? It’s impossible to predict for certain, of course, because there’s no way to know what regulators will do. Given the heavily regulated nature of the electric sector, …

  • Why electricity markets will never be (totally) free

    Over the past few years, the U.S. electricity grid has begun a massive, underappreciated, and largely unintentional transition away from coal to natural gas. Because nobody decided on a shift to gas, or directed such a shift, many people have …

  • Bonneville Power unfairly favored hydro over wind, rules FERC

    Photo: Vlasta JuricekThe Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has ruled that the Bonneville Power Association (BPA) unfairly discriminated against wind turbine owners when it curtailed the production of power from wind assets last spring in response to high hydro production. …