Sean Casten

Sean Casten is president & CEO of Recycled Energy Development, LLC, a company devoted to profitably reducing greenhouse emissions.

Can perfect markets induce capital investment?

Question: are there any examples of a completely free market inducing investment in mature, capital-intensive industries? I’m not sure there are. More problematically, I’m not sure that economists and policy makers appreciate this reality. The …

Still fallacious

The perfect market fallacy

Suppose you want to compete in the 100 meter dash. Your odds of breaking Usain Bolt’s world record are pretty slim. So should you bother training? If you did train but ended up losing in …

Hayward J'Buzzoff

The problem with unspoken assumptions

Steven Hayward’s OpEd in the Wall St. Journal this week (“No: Alternatives Simply Too Expensive“) annoyed me the first time I read it. But on re-reading it today, I’m struck by two things: 1. First, …

How much energy does the U.S. waste?

We must save all the energy we can!At the broadest level, everything we can do to address climate change/national security/energy balance of trade and just about any other meaningful social question associated with our energy …

Why CO2 regulation will lead to lower electricity prices

An observation on the greenhouse gas policy debate: Excluding those who question whether we need a GHG policy at all, the debate is fundamentally one about where certainty is most important.  Some think the most …

Yes, we Kahn

Carbon trading: Worthy of Feinstein’s ire?

“Deregulation shifts the major burden of consumer protection to the competitive market, and therefore, in important measure, to the enforcement of antitrust laws.” – Alfred E. Kahn, Lessons for Deregulation: Telecommunications and Airlines after the …

A tale of two emissions factors

How much CO2 do our nation’s coal and gas plants actually produce?

It was the best of half-centuries, it was the worst of half-centuries … Broadly speaking, there are only three things we can do to lower CO2 emissions: switch fuels, use energy more efficiently, or use …

Breaching the dams

How fast can the U.S. electric sector reform?

Is the electric sector capable of rapid, large scale reform? Many policies implicitly assume the answer to that question is No, especially when it comes to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission control. The result is a …

T Boone's gonna love this

How to shut down 93% of coal without building new plants or reducing power supply

Two interesting observations: 50% of U.S. power generation (in MWh) comes from coal, while only 20% comes from natural gas. 32% of total U.S. power generation capacity (in MW) is coal-fired, while 42% is gas-fired. …

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