Shawn Regan

Shawn Regan is a public affairs fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center, a nonprofit dedicated to improving environmental quality through property rights and markets. Follow their tweets.


DeChristopher case begs question: What if enviros were allowed to bid on oil leases?

What if instead of landing him in jail, Tim DeChristopher's bidding was welcomed? What if enviros were allowed to bid for federal land leases?

whew, the coase is clear

Debunking myths about free-market environmentalism

Money makes the world go … green?Cross-posted at The PERColator, a project of the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC). A recent post on Grist attempted to dismantle the intellectual foundations of free-market environmentalism — the application of markets and property rights to solve environmental problems. But far from toppling a burgeoning movement within modern environmentalism, it succeeded only in misrepresenting the subject. To recap: Clark Williams-Derry claimed that while free-market environmentalism may be effective in some areas of the environment (e.g., fisheries management), its reliance upon unrealistic assumptions about the real world largely relegates it to useless intellectual theorizing. …

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