Susie Cagle

Susie Cagle writes and draws news for Grist. She also writes and draws tweets for Twitter.

Farmers hope to plow the way for sustainable U.S. hemp

Farmers in Colorado, Kentucky, and Virginia want to plant hemp, federal government be damned.

California’s nutty farmland values are spiking

An overseas appetite for California almonds and pistachios has sent farm values soaring.

Feds mark territory all over L.A. wildlife habitat

Weeks after destroying dozens of acres of wildlife habitat, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is mum on why they did it.

California cold snaps farmers’ crops

Freezing temperatures threaten the state's citrus crops. And of course this is only a taste of the climate chaos to come.

‘Soul Food Junkies’ digs into African American food history and habits

Byron Hurt's film aims to "speak directly to an African American audience" in ways that other food films haven't.

California enjoys and/or suffers from a historic baby bust

The Golden State's birthrate has dropped to 1.94 and economists are freaking out.

Pinnacles in California named as 59th national park

But under Obama, far, far less land has been protected than under other recent presidents -- even George W. Bush.

German neo-Nazis take to organic farming

Environmentalism is not necessarily Green.

pothole with "fix" painted on it

Fixing a broken gas tax could fix broken roads

Gas tax income is falling as cars get more efficient. Can drivers stand to be taxed per mile driven instead?