Good news, soda lovers and Bloomberg haters!


Reuters reports that New York State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling threw out New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pet ban, calling it “arbitrary and capricious,” in response to lawsuits brought by the American Beverage Association and other unapologetic sugar peddlers business groups.

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Passed last September, the measure would’ve banned the sale of certain sugary drinks bigger than 16 ounces (sweetened iced tea and soda, but not alcoholic drinks or fruit juice) from certain locations (restaurants and movie theater concessions, but not convenience stores). Sweet-toothed sellers defying the ban would’ve faced $200 fines starting in June.

Bloomberg sold the “Big Gulp” ban as an obesity-fighting measure, though it didn’t outlaw fatty fast-food milkshakes or “Big Gulp” drinks themselves.

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So what’s next for arbitrary ‘n capricious Bloomy? Perhaps a ban on Styrofoam cups? Because I’m sure they don’t have a powerful industry lobby at all