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Here’s why GOP lawsuits probably won’t undermine Obama’s climate plan

For now, at least.

Climate & Energy

Coal is dying all by itself

Since 2008, the coal industry shed nearly 50,000 jobs, while natural gas and renewable energy added four times that number.


Watch Marco Rubio go from climate change believer to denier — in just 3 minutes!

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was once a big supporter of clean energy, too.

Climate & Energy

Another state bans agency from discussing climate change

The climate change language police just struck again in Wisconsin.

Climate & Energy

Fracking is causing Oklahoma’s earthquake “swarm”

But state agencies are ignoring the evidence, and it could cost them.


When, exactly, did humans become an actual geological force?

Now that we've figured out what the Anthropocene is, no one can agree on when it started.

Climate & Energy

Frackers near you could be breaking the rules — and you’d probably never know

Just three states have readily accessible databases of violations by oil and gas companies.

Climate & Energy

Even climate villain Australia might be thinking about cleaning up its act

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he'll get on board with a U.N. climate deal. But don't get too excited.

Business & Technology

Solar panel owners and utilities battle it out in California

Utility companies claim solar-powered homes are raising everyone else's electric bills.