Tom Laskawy

A 17-year veteran of both traditional and online media, Tom Laskawy is a founder and executive director of the Food & Environment Reporting Network and a contributing writer at Grist covering food and agricultural policy. Tom's long and winding road to food politics writing passed through New York, Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, Florence, Italy, and Philadelphia (which has a vibrant progressive food politics and sustainable agriculture scene, thank you very much). In addition to Grist, his writing has appeared online in The American Prospect, Slate, The New York Times, and The New Republic. He is on record as believing that wrecking the planet is a bad idea. Follow him on Twitter.

Don’t have a cow: Lab-grown meat inches closer to your plate

Food writers recently got a taste of a $332,000 beef-free burger. Is this the future of meat or just a sideshow?

Fast food and furious: Restaurant workers are fed up with minimum wage

Fast food workers are on the march nationwide. What, oh what, are the poor corporate fat cats to do?

Real food: Not just for fancy people

Recent caricatures of food writers like Michael Pollan paint them as fickle fashionistas. But the food movement is far deeper than that.

Scared farmer

Turf war: In the battle for our crops, superweeds are winning

The biotech companies told us that GMO crops would save us, but they’ve just created new monsters. Perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

hungry kid

Republicans are happy to help corporate ag, but feed the hungry? Not so much

The GOP wants food stamps out of the farm bill, because they love farm subsidies, but can do without poor people, thank you very much.

apple tech

When it comes to food, technology won’t save us

A recent “hackathon” netted some nifty widgets for the foodie set, but when it comes to solving world hunger, sorry guys, there’s no app for that.

Baby watching TV

Junk food science: What kids see on TV can hurt them

The American Medical Association calls for a ban on marketing “energy drinks” to youngsters. Maybe Ronald McDonald should get the axe next.

Look who’s squealing now: GMO lovers freak over new study of sick pigs

Australian researchers recently found that genetically modified feed caused severe stomach inflammation in pigs. Critics of the study, who say these foods can cause no harm, flipped a lid.

Sugar low: Big Soda is losing the battle for American hearts and bellies

A new study from the CDC shows that more than a third of American kids drink no soda at all. But there's bad news, too.