Tom Philpott

Tom Philpott was previously Grist's food writer. He now writes for Mother Jones.

Edible media: Bee here, now


Edible Media takes an occasional look at interesting or deplorable food journalism on the web. Of mites and men (and bees) [Insert perfunctory “buzz” reference into lead:] Buzz about the collapse of domesticated honeybee populations …

Guest blog: Searching for food in the school cafeteria

What parents can do

Ever since I wrote a piece on Ann Cooper, the “renegade lunch lady” bent on returning real food to school cafeterias, I’ve been meaning to follow up on what parents can do to improve their …

Dean Foods says no to cloned milk

A dairy giant does the right thing

Erstwhile Gristmiller Sam Fromartz, true to form as an ex-reporter, has breaking news on his personal blog. Sam reports that Dean Foods, the dominant U.S. dairy supplier (you can find a list of its many …

Starving the beast: How to avoid Archer Daniels Midland

Must one do business with ADM?

Responding to my latest critique of Archer Daniels Midland and its business practices, a reader writes in to ask, “If I want to stop supporting ADM when grocery shopping, is there a list somewhere of …

How Archer Daniels Midland cashes in on Mexico’s tortilla woes

Much has been made in the U.S. press about Mexico’s “tortilla crisis” — the recent spike in the price of its definitive corn-based flatbread. Media reports tend to focus blame on U.S. ethanol production, which …

The Senate slaps sustainable ag

And what you can do about it

Ask small-scale, sustainable-minded farmers where they go for tips, and invariably they’ll mention ATTRA, an information clearinghouse funded by the USDA. Just this morning, I went to to get information on how to make …

The farm bill: round up the usual suspects

Bush’s USDA plays footsie with ADM, Cargill, and even the API on farm policy.

Federal investment in agriculture is a very wise, thoughtful investment. How we do it is the critical issue. At the end, I believe strongly it must be predictable, equitable, and beyond challenge. Thus spake USDA …

Bush, Iran, and the House of Saud

Here we go again

Bush’s babble about Iran has taken on a darker tone of late. Just a couple of days ago, the president claimed with certainty that an elite Iranian unit had been supplying Shiite militias in Iraq …

Global warming: How it's playing in Cleveland

No big deal, say Ohio meteoroligists

Guess the IPCC report really was sort of a bust. Dave reports that a big swath of the pundocracy says global warming sucks, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Oh well. Over in …

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