Wen Stephenson

Wen Stephenson, a writer and climate activist, is a contributor to Grist and the Boston Phoenix and has written about climate and culture for the Boston Globe, The New York Times, and Slate. Follow him on Twitter.

Stop the Keystone pipeline

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How do you decide that change is worth risking arrest? Three student activists talk about their public motivations and private fears.

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Armed with numbers and outrage, Bill McKibben and 350.org hit the road to jumpstart a campus divestment movement aimed at the fossil-fuel industry.

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In a new manifesto, an environmental statesman describes what it will take to rip out the roots of our unsustainable system and replace it with something better. Hint: It won't be easy.

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The band's introspective dread may not pump you up for a protest rally. But its willingness to face despair head on might be just what climate activists need.

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Longtime environmentalist Paul Kingsnorth argues that we've so thoroughly screwed up the planet that further small wins are pointless.

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Thoreau wasn’t an environmentalist. That’s why he matters more than ever. Carry on his legacy of civic engagement and activism on Moving Planet day.

Evangelicals are greener than you think

Young evangelicals are increasingly inclined to care about climate change. Don't let the far right set up a false culture war.