You know who else hated bike lanes? Hitler.

Is this the one internet meme that never gets old? Okay, Godwin’s Law isn’t going to win the bike lane argument, but we could watch history’s most famous hater bitch about bike lanes all day. “The flowers make you feel like you’re riding through the countryside!” “THAT IS WHAT WEEKENDS ARE FOR!” Incidentally, Vancouver’s bike lanes sound just delightful. Notable YouTube comment: “Haha, classic. I masturbate to drivers complaining about bike lanes.” Get on (or off) with your bad self, YouTube commenter.


Race, class, and the demographics of cycling

This post original appeared on Sightline’s Daily Score blog. If you’re reading this, then the phrase “interesting demographic data” probably doesn’t sound like an oxymoron to you. That’s a good thing, because you’ll find a heap of it in a new analytical report out on bicycling. Among other things, we get a clearer view of the race and income components of U.S. bicycling. Here’s a look at bike trips broken out by racial and ethnic categories: Two big things stand out here for me: 1) white people remain somewhat overrepresented; but 2) bicycling appears to be trending toward racial parity. …

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are a hot, famous, rich advertisement for biking

Stars: They’re just like us! They bike around town with their kids in a trailer! They get annoyed at taxis! They really should be wearing helmets! New York Magazine has an interview with city natives Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts, in which the famous couple dishes about their bike lane usage and their frustration with taxis: So what do you think about bike lanes? Pro or anti? Schreiber: Pro when I'm on my bike. Very frustrating when I'm driving through midtown. Do you use the bike lanes? Schreiber: Yes, we absolutely use them. We do.

Watch a tricycle spank a bus in a low-speed race

It’s the Thunderdome of transportation: Comedian Mark Malkoff on a child’s tricycle, going up against the famously slow M42 bus. Two modes of transport enter, one mode of transport leaves … well, okay, they both leave, but one gets there a minute and a half faster. And it isn’t the bus. Malkoff framed his experiment as crummy mass transit vs. child’s toy, but it’s really human power vs. traffic. The bus isn’t the bad guy here — sure, it may take more than 14 minutes to travel a mile, but it’s also getting a lot of people a mile closer …

Bike lanes to displace 9/11 monument, says NY Post

Of course, the libtards at the NY Times don't think this story is fit to print, so once again we must applaud the courage of the NY Post, which has published a bombshell report conclusively linking bike lanes to 9/11. There is little I can add to this excellent Gothamist investigation of the New York Post's ongoing war on Bike Lanes. So I will just quote some more of it: In the Post's exclusive report, Sadik-Khan's motive for 9/11 has finally been exposed. And of course, it's all about the bike lanes. Although Sadik-Khan would not seize control of the …

Portable velocipede is the ultimate steampunk/hippy mashup bike

If you’re the type of green-minded soul who prefers handlebar mustaches to dreadlocks and watch fobs to Tom’s Shoes, you definitely need this swank pennyfarthing bike. More to the point, you need it if you’re short on bike storage space at your home or office — it takes up roughly half the real estate of a typical bike. It costs €559 (roughly $800) if you're in Spain; the site looks like you should still be able to buy it in the likely event that you aren't, but it's not clear that you can yet, so nag your local bike purveyor/steampunk …


‘The beauty of just getting on your bike’ [VIDEO]

The other night I had the good fortune of going to a meetup of bikers and bikers who blog in New York. The evening very specifically was not about the tiresome political wrangling that has been going on in my city over bike lanes. It was about people who just f**king love to bike in New York, and who aren’t going to let anything or anyone stop them from doing it. Bike nurds, as organizer Noel Hidalgo (@noneck) proudly proclaimed. Presenters included a pretty sweet selection of the city’s many bike bloggers, photographers, and filmmakers, including the most excellent Bitch …

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the mayor of London walk into a bike share …

That's not a joke setup, it's just Thursday. The Governator and the London mayor tooled around on two-wheelers today, looking awkward and getting hollered at by photogs, to promote Mayor Boris Johnson's new bike share plan for the city. Schwarzenegger praised bikes' ability to let you "eat a few extra wiener schnitzel and … get away with it," and Johnson disappointingly failed to refer to Arnie as a "monosyllabic Austrian cyborg," as he has in the past. But guys … this is nice and all, but you forgot to make it look like biking is any fun.

Bike-lane-hatin’ Rep. Anthony Weiner hates paying parking tickets, too

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) hates bike lanes. He also, Roll Call discovered, hates parking legally — or paying the penalties when he gets ticketed for doing it illegally. Until very recently — that is, until someone caught him at it — Weiner owed $2,180 in unpaid tickets to D.C. How exactly does he suggest we get around? Apparate? Oh wait, no, he hates it when other people don’t pay parking tickets, too! At least, if they’re diplomats from “Yemen, Zimbabwe, and Iran” — he complained about that last year. So I guess the Weiner-approved transporation plan is that we nix …

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