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Time is money

Reflecting on a century of economic progress and environmental problems

As the first decade of the 21st century comes to a close, the problem of the commons is more important to our lives — and more central to economics — than a century ago when …


Another Silicon Valley solar startup to build a factory in Oregon

A SolarWorld worker making panels. Photo: SolarWorldAnother Silicon Valley startup is planting a tree in Portlandia’s solar forest, thanks to a United States Department of Energy loan guarantee. SoloPower, a San Jose, Calif., company that …

I drink your milkshake

China to blow the doors off Obama’s namby-pamby electric car program

China’s BYD e6 all-electric sedan.Photo: BYD HAHAHAHAHA! – China China just announced plans to build 1 million electric cars per year. Let’s put that in perspective: In Obama’s State of the Union Address, he said …

a walk through the week's climate news

The Climate Post: Obama’s new budget would make Big Oil pay for clean energy

The president gives a preview of his budget in his weekly address.Republicans are vowing to fight President Obama’s newly released budget for the 2012 fiscal year. Among other things, the new budget includes a few significant changes to …

Steller's sea cow ain't got nothing on these

10 green ideas that are facing extinction

Photo: Geek Calendar Clean technology is full of ideas that may or may not work out, for any number of reasons — modular nuclear, distributed power, humanure. Whether it’s economics, physics or simple incompatibility with …


Silicon Valley solar firm buys East Coast’s biggest photovoltaic installer

Volunteers install a solar PV array in Brooklyn, N.Y.Photo: 350.orgCalifornia solar companies are continuing their eastward expansion, with Silicon Valley’s SolarCity on Wednesday acquiring the residential operations of one of the East Coast biggest solar …

Curdled logic

FDA’s crackdown on raw-milk cheese based on flawed data analysis

Italy’s celebrated Pecorino di Farindola, pictured here, is now and has always been made from raw milk. We can get this right, peopleHas there been a serious jump in illnesses from raw-milk cheese recently? You …

oil can what?

Chevron to Ecuador: What’s ‘apologize’?

A judge in Ecuador has delivered the world’s biggest environmental spanking to pollution giant Chevron, as a judgment for faulty drilling gunking up the country’s rain forests: An Ecuadorian judge on Monday ordered Chevron Corp. …

Road to recovery act

The Recovery Act: the most important energy bill in American history

If the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) had been an energy bill, it would arguably have been the single-most important piece of clean energy legislation in our nation’s history. It drove unprecedented new investments …

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