Business & Technology

Here’s Romney’s latest attack on green investment: A123 Systems

A123, a battery manufacturer that got federal stimulus funding, has declared bankruptcy. You'll hear about this during Tuesday's debate.

Rogue ‘geoengineer’ dumps iron into the Pacific to create massive algal bloom

A California man couldn't get buy-in on his geoengineering plan, so he just went ahead with it on his own. Note to readers: Saving the world is not a DIY project.

Electric bike technology is making wheelchairs more badass

Electric bikes: not just good for the environment, also good for humanity.

Wall Street Journal hypes ‘little-known’ decision limiting oil drilling that it reported in August

But August was a reallllly long time ago, so it's hard to blame them.

Don’t expect any new coal-ash regulations within the next 23 days

The EPA proposed new rules for coal ash in 2010, but they haven't moved forward yet. And depending on what happens on Nov. 6, maybe they never will.

Koch Industries offers its employees a handy voter guide

The Koch brothers suggest that employees vote for Mitt Romney and lots of other Republicans.

Ask Umbra: What’s in a label?

Who decides what's "natural" and what's "eco-friendly"? Umbra peels back the latest on the labeling debate.

Mitt Romney’s winners and losers

Romney claims government shouldn't pick "winners and losers" in the energy sector, but it's been picking winners for decades -- the wrong winners. Sen. Bernie Sanders explains.

Is ExxonMobil trying to pipe tar-sands oil through New England?

Enviro groups have gathered evidence suggesting that big oil interests want to send tar-sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to Portland, Maine.