Business & Technology

Levi’s is making jeans out of plastic bottles

Levi's is making a new kind of jeans out of 20 percent recycled material. We hope they are as cool and comfortable as regular Levi's.

Ikea aims to go way green by 2020

Ikea plans to get 100 percent of its power from clean sources by 2020, part of a new sustainability plan backed by a $2.4 billion investment.

How U.S. cities rank for cleantech (congrats, San Jose!)

A new index ranks U.S. cities by leadership in cleantech -- and San Jose, Calif., leads the pack. The West Coast and Northeast dominate, but other regional clusters are coming on strong.

Sen. Inhofe’s awesome pro-coal tour, coming to a Senate race near you

James Inhofe, the Senate's top climate denier, is stumping for GOP candidates who love coal. We assume he's travelling by coal train.

U.S. wind industry goes out with a bang

Developers have added nearly 5,000 megawatts of wind power in the U.S. this year, expected to be as much as 5,000 MW more than next year.

Frackers struggle while financiers make millions. Sounds familiar.

Natural gas prices have sunk so low that frackers are losing their shirts. The investment bankers are the only ones coming out ahead.

Your pants can now suck pollution right out of the air

A laundry additive can turn your jeans into nitrogen-eating superjeans, according to its creators.

Could public urination be good for the environment?

An urban-planning think tank pops up for one day in San Francisco, sharing fun ideas like fruit fences and "garden urinals."

The Navy will convert seawater to fuel — with the help of a little atomic fission

Don't go putting this in the "green" column just yet. Or the "a thing that will happen" column.