Climate Skeptics

Stuff white people like: denying climate change

A new study finds that conservative white men are far more likely to deny the threat of climate change than other people.

Climate scientists blow gaping hole in 'NASA data' paper

The paper, full of shoddy science, got attention from a right-wing blogger on Forbes, but climatologists say it's bunk.

Dear skeptics: Here is more climate data than you can handle

For the climate skeptics who dragged us all through Climategate on the conviction that climate scientists are lying jerks, here is the data you wanted to see. Here it is. The University of East Anglia put it online for all …

Bill Nye explains science, the moon, and climate change to Fox News, using very small words

Bill Nye's years of experience teaching science to children seem to have prepared him well for talking to Fox News hosts. Here, he attempts to help Happening Now host Jon Scott grasp difficult concepts like "volcanoes are not connected to the …

Conservative pundits deny existence of record-breaking heat wave

Rush Limbaugh says "almost no temperature records were broken" during the recent heat wave, and Newsbusters writer Noel Sheppard says there were "only 34 new all-time daily temperature records set." Only 34? Why, that's barely a record-breaking heat wave at …

Norway terrorist is a climate change denier

Anders Breivik, Norway terrorist, is a climate change denier, like many American conservatives.

Critical List: Captain Planet movie in the works; the U.N. considering climate peacekeeping force

The producer of Transformers is backing a live-action Captain Planet movie, which will teach children about environmentalism and green mullets and the periodic table of elements (earth, air, fire, water, and heart!). Next can we do a live-action G.I. Joe …

Five things Al Gore will reveal at the upcoming Climate Reality event

On Sept. 14, The Climate Reality Project, spearheaded by Al Gore, will bring us, "24 hours of reality … An event that that will focus the world's attention on the full truth, scope, scale and impact of the climate crisis." …

Does James Murdoch hate climate skepticism as much as phone-hacking?

James Murdoch took decisive action to shut down phone-hacking. Might he shut down the climate skepticism that's rampant in the Murdoch media empire?