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No, climate change won’t kill the planet. But it’ll kill plenty of people.

This new slogan -- "It's not warming, it's dying" -- is bad in so many ways.


Copenhagen’s newest bike lane totally rules

The famously cycle-friendly city has just outdone itself with a cool elevated roadway.


The little seed library that could … get busted by a state ag department

A modest local effort to build a seed library in Pennsylvania calls down the wrath of the state's farm regulators.

highway to smell

Bacon-fueled motorcycle goes whole hog

When will the bacon craze sizzle out?

Back in the Hobbit

The world’s first official climate refugees land in New Zealand

New Zealand accepts a refugee family from Tuvalu hoping to escape their sinking island nation.

The Fault Is Mine

This giant Canadian mine spill doesn’t make us feel good about Alaska’s Pebble Mine

A copper tailings pond discharged more than 10 million cubic meters of waste into nearby water, threatening an important salmon spawning ground.

Climate & Energy

Will fracking in the Gulf of Mexico lead to the next Deepwater Horizon?

Deepwater fracking is booming in the Gulf, but nobody has done the research to assess its impact -- and figure out what we need to know when something goes badly wrong.


“I Heart NY” mastermind launches catchy climate change logo

To help make climate change awareness stick (and slick), design legend Milton Glaser created a catchy logo.

Climate & Energy

Teaching kids about climate change? Read them a classic story

Skip the lectures and the horror stories, says one environmental science prof, and just help them fall in love with nature.