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Get off my ice

John Oliver’s Antarctic tourism PSA: “Stick your d*ck in a freezer” instead

Antarctic tourists are trampling the place, which is why John Oliver's begging you not to go.


Chinese company creamed for GMO corn thievery

International espionage just got seedier.

This is what one week of your trash might look like

A cool photo project by Gregg Segal shows people cozying up to the garbage they amassed in seven days.

keeping it cool

Another climate crackdown from Obama’s EPA

The EPA has proposed new rules to cut use of HFCs, refrigerants that also happen to be potent greenhouse gases.

Dumpster divine

At Chez Dumpster, every misshapen veggie gets its due

An art project serves up gourmet meals, made from produce that would otherwise go to waste, in a setting that can only be called trashy.

Business & Technology

Join us for a bumpy ride through Uber’s myriad challenges

Ride along with Uber’s twists and turns in this interactive infographic.

A little slice of Saudi Arabia right at home

How hot will future summers be in your city?

A new tool lets you see how hot it's going to get in your neck of the woods if we don't do anything about climate change.

Climate & Energy

Meet the Andy Griffith who’s going after fracking polluters

In Texas, some small-town sleuths on the illegally ditched-sofa beat are stumbling on big-time dumping of toxic fracking waste.

frond memories

Forget potato salad — fund this science project and help cure the climate

Once upon a time, this super-plant may have geoengineered the planet. Now scientists want to sequence its genome to learn its secret.

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