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In Seattle, the rent is too damn high

Tech booms, bad government, and money-hungry developers: Inside Seattle's insane housing market, and how it got that way.

Babe Alert!

Happy Hump Day! It’s time to stop hating on women in tech

Here's a shout-out to some of the women -- both IRL and fictional! -- making strides in tech, startup, and video game culture.


Drinking this purple beer could help save sea stars — and get you wasted

It's for a good cause!


Cattle pollution is pissing off the Rocky Mountain ecosystem

Excess nitrogen is overfertilizing Colorado's parks and causing all sorts of strange problems.


What’s behind the mysterious mass slayings of 320,000 chickens?

If this true crime story doesn't make you mad about the U.S. poultry industry, nothing will.

Climate & Energy

Could we fight climate change with bitcoin? This guys thinks so

James D'Angelo wants to launch a global, government-free cap-and-trade system using bitcoin.

Hot dam

Does hydropower make sense in a warming world?

Thanks to climate change, dams are a less reliable source of electricity, but a lot more of them are getting built anyway.

hurrah for syrah

The drought is killing everything — except wineries

Drought takes a break from destroying everything you love to give Washington wines a surprising boost.

Business & Technology

Walmart spews a huge amount of climate pollution with its shipping, but doesn’t report any of it

That could change if shareholders adopt a proposed resolution this Friday. It would require Walmart to report and reduce shipping emissions.