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Fewer hungry humans — but still too many

A new report from the U.N. suggests how far we've come in bringing down the total number of hungry people around the globe. But awful disparities remain.


36 bits of good news to cure your ocean blues

These stories of measured success and cute animals suggest the ocean may not be entirely screwed!

That's fracked up!

Need a fracking supporter? Hire a homeless person.

If you can’t find people who actually support fracking, just pay uninformed members of underprivileged groups to fake it!

Climate & Energy

The Coup takes on climate change

Rapper Boots Riley, from the legendary rap-funk-punk group The Coup, has made a PSA about climate change. If you're a longtime Coup fan, it might throw you for a loop.

Time to make the donuts less evil

Dunkin’ Donuts cleans up its palm-oil act (and Krispy Kreme follows suit)

The doughnut giant announces it will use only rainforest-friendly fat to fry up its sweet rings of temptation. Pressure's now on the competition.


A podcast for those who like food for their brain

"Gastropod" is a podcast about understanding food and agriculture through the lens of science and history.


Why New Mexico is doing chilies right

How My Chilito is building a better food system.

Climate & Energy

There’s a place in the world that is fighting poverty with solar power

Solar power is taking off in villages where connecting to the grid is seen as a bad joke.

Climate & Energy

Black church leaders rev up for climate justice

The good revs. Lennox Yearwood and Otis Moss III say it’s time to get serious about caring for our planet — and our fellow men.

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