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small luxuries

The tiny house fantasy is getting a teensy bit out of control

A Portland-based construction company is building luxury tiny houses, and they're anything but simple.

Climate & Energy

50 years after Selma, a search for environmental justice

Environmental justice advocates from across the country will air their present-day grievances during the commemoration of Bloody Sunday.

Climate & Energy

Is sustainability just for rich, white people?

Watch Grist's own Brentin Mock on MSNBC, talking about wealth, race, democracy, and building a greener future.

Climate & Energy

Will the “Dark Lord of Coal Country” finally be brought to justice?

If federal prosecutors have their way, Don Blankenship will get his day in court for the string of misdeeds that lead to a deadly mine explosion. He apparently has other plans.


VICE takes on climate change, and guess what — it’s pretty bleak!

A lot of the first episode is pretty standard Climate Change 101, but it's worth watching for some infuriating and heartbreaking moments.

Climate & Energy

Obama admin punts on oil train safety — and another bomb train explodes

The White House decided not to draft rules on explosive gas in tanker cars, Reuters reports. Meanwhile, an oil train blows up in Illinois.

Drag racing

Homobiles, SF’s queer ride service, is the anti-Uber

It might not be the future, but a pay-what-you-can car service for the LGBTQ crowd does show what a real community-based ride service looks like.

Drip Planner

Watch how much water goes into your food

When it comes to conserving water, we have a lot on our plate.


Here’s one more thing that Uber has ruined for everyone

But who hasn't gotten a little bit handsy in the back of an Uber before?