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Climate & Energy

Western towns target coal companies over climate change

Ski towns in Colorado and Utah are seeking money to cope with climate change, and they think it should come from the coal industry.


Let Amy Schumer remind you who should be making your birth control decisions

Boy scouts and priests weigh in on your birth control options in this hilarious Amy Schumer clip.


Farmers are watering your food with fracking chemicals

Chevron is selling fracking wastewater to Central Valley farmers to grow food. Dangers seem limited right now -- but let's be more careful and transparent.


California has a real water market — but it’s not exactly liquid

Farmers are buying and selling water up and down the Golden State, and that helps cut waste. If we streamlined and modernized the system, it could do even more.


Are the leftovers from home remodeling trash or treasure?

A reader wonders what to do with '80s home decor. Umbra spreads the salvage love.


SeaWorld Barbie quits her job

Barbie and Jane Goodall can agree on one thing: SeaWorld is the worst.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could drive 1-in-6 species to extinction

Cranking up the planetary heat is going to ratchet down the planet’s biodiversity.


6 things we learned about ourselves from “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”

The Avengers" is the greenest superhero movie you'll see this year (and not just because of The Hulk).


Elon Musk unveils fancy new Tesla battery — ’cause existing batteries “suck”

The billionaire inventor and entrepreneur wants to bring solar power to the masses.