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Climate & Energy

Coal company demonstrates impressive feats of climate denial

A document by Peabody Energy argues that “there are no demonstrated foreseeable effects of any GHG emissions.”


Arizona and California are ignoring the science on water

Despite decades of accepted science, California and Arizona are still miscounting their water supplies.

spoiler alert!

Thirsty birds are dying all over California — thanks, climate change

The birders in your life may not take this news well.


Polar bears don’t hibernate, so screw polar bears

Scientists suspected that the big white beasts entered a kind of walking hibernation during the summer, when food is scarce. They were wrong.


Climate change is a real (Canadian) peach

On the sweeter side of climate change, Canadians are now growing grapes and peaches.


What’s the difference between eating pork belly and puppy belly? Not much

Hal Herzog has spent 30 years studying the unique relationships people have with animals. Here are his thoughts on our weird relationship with meat.

Climate & Energy

We broke a whole lotta climate records in 2014

Here are four key points to draw from the State of the Climate report.

Climate & Energy

Big Coal is freaking out over this latest Obama move

Mountaintop-removal miners have a long tradition of polluting and burying streams. New rules would make them clean up their act a little.


Want to know why U.S. tomatoes suck? Because we don’t care about flavor

The cost of being a thrifty grocery shopper: crappy tomatoes.