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California Senate candidate: “We’re all going to die”

Mike Beitiks is running on a "single board platform": He's all climate, all the time.

tusk tusk

Walrus cam or the Entourage movie? Either way, bunch of dudes on a beach

The boys are back in town. And by boys, we mean Vince, E, Drama, Turtle, Ari, and thousands of male walruses.


A Republican governor just bucked his party to veto an ag-gag law

In a shocking move of moral consistency, a governor says that if we protect whistleblowers in nursing homes, we shouldn't prosecute them on farms.


Guess what Lil Mama’s new single “Sausages” is really about

Lil Mama is dropping some words of wisdom about safe sex masked in allegory about breakfast food.


The real sharing economy doesn’t require apps, just kindness

In the middle of a trans-continent bike trip, our hero discovers that in rural America, sharing comes naturally.


Detroit turns the lights back on with a solar experiment

A Detroit neighborhood that lost its streetlights because it couldn't afford the bill tests a solar-powered alternative.


Ben & Jerry’s fights climate change with gross-sounding new flavor

Everybody's favorite ice cream company is trying to raise awareness about global warming ahead of the upcoming Paris climate talks.


These maps show how rent is too damn high across America

You need to spend a lot of time working to make ends meet on minimum wage.


What do your mouth and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch have in common?

Those tiny, plastic particles really are everywhere.