The sins of Syngenta

New report calls for atrazine review

An important new report on atrazine was published yesterday and it’s about time. Pesticide Action Network and Land Stewardship Project have brought together the science …

Farm team

It takes a community to sustain a small farm

A local grocery store in Pleasantville, Iowa.Wikimedia Commons These days it seems the most popular person to be in the food system is the “local …

The cheapskate’s dilemma

Lessons on the food system from the ammonia-hamburger fiasco

In case you missed it last week, The New York Times ran an excellent article on a South Dakota company called Beef Products Inc., which …

The Machiavelli of food reform?

Pollan on ‘The Daily Show’

As health care, finance, and climate bills lurch through Congress, buffeted and compromised by the very industries they seek to rein in, the question of …

marriage of convenience

Can GMO seeds be ‘sustainable’?

The New York Times has another piece encouraging a flare-up in the cage match between organic farmers and those in favor of genetic engineering as …

labor pains

Milk may be cheap but dairy workers shouldn’t be

Barry Estabrook has a piece up on the Atlantic reminding us that agriculture practiced on any scale anywhere in this country relies heavily on migrant …

Meat Wagon

Ammonia-treated burgers, tainted with E. coli!

In Meat Wagon, we round up the latest outrages from the meat and livestock industries. ——— Few who saw the documentary Food Inc. will forget …

The quintessence of Mackeyism

John Mackey and the limits of “conscious capitalism”

John Mackey: will the unfettered market bring him down? Photo: JOEM500, via Flickr Author’s note: In the original version of this post, I mistakenly wrote …

Bean there, done that

Soybeans threaten Amazon rainforest

Photo courtesy Kanko* via FlickrSome 3,000 years ago, farmers in eastern China domesticated the soybean. In 1765, the first soybeans were planted in North America. …

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