Grist List


Scientists found five kinds of unidentified fungi in Capri Sun

Capri Sun has mold in it. Five kinds. It's like kombucha, but in a handy little pouch, and not on purpose!


Make your commute more exciting with these Super Mario transit maps

Dave Delisle's maps imagine your commute as a trek through classic games.


These flowerpot roof tiles let you make any roof into a green roof

The designer says the idea is about "transforming a stone city to an overgrown city" and that the tiles are "stepping stones for wildlife in the city."


How a public school in Queens went vegetarian

The food sounds pretty darn good.


Mind-boggling infographic shows why sharks should be way more scared of you

This is pretty staggering. Why haven't the sharks made a classic movie about a terrifying rampaging human?


Adorable dog has four bionic legs

Naki'o lost his legs to frostbite. Now he has four prosthetic legs, and he is loving his doggie life like a doggie should.


What does a 20-pound swamp rat taste like? Watch two brave guys find out

Save the world. Eat a nutria. Taste test today!


Here’s a bus blocking a bike lane in the most ironic way possible

Still, we don't want to hate on buses.


Here’s how to make a living night light out of glow-in-the-dark algae

Caleb Kraft, secret genius, made a night light out of phosphorescent algae, and you can, too

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