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Crazy translucent ant looks like it’s covered in diamonds

It should really be called the Liberace Ant. Or the Damien Hirst Ant. Or the Million-Dollar Victoria's Secret Bra Ant.

Business & Technology

The definitive investigation of how many kindergarteners can fit into a Tesla Model S

OK, so the Tesla's carbon footprint may not be better than a Honda's, but its potential as a clown car is unparalleled.


This map shows the smells of your city

For instance, Edinburgh "on a particularly breezy day circa 2011."


These giant hot-pink slugs live only on one mountaintop in Australia

Nice to know the '80s are still alive and kicking on at least one Australian mountaintop.


This burger uses deep-fried lasagna for a bun, because why should food make any sense

This thing is a monster, an idea that trickled down from the whacked-out minds of fast-food executives back into a more upscale food culture.

Business & Technology

New York is just going to print new infrastructure

It will only save, oh, about $3 billion.


Tiny, adorable “dwarf” foxes rescued from extinction

Island foxes managed to make “one of the fastest recoveries of any endangered species ever," Treehugger says. Here's how they did it.


“Birthing with dolphins” is hopefully not the newest parenting craze

This couple plans to let dophins assist in their birthing process, and then probably immediately eat the baby. Don't trust dolphins.


Famous wolf pack has no wolf puppies, soon will have no wolves

The population of Isle Royale wolves has shrunk, so much so that now there’s only one signature Y chromosome in all the island’s wolves.

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