Grist List


For 10 bucks you can ensure you’ll never fall down or pick up germs on public transit

It's germ-free (or at least it only has your germs), portable, cheap, and always available. The only down side is that you look a little silly.


Watch a gorilla lose his cool with a bunch of bullying kids

We're enjoying this video in which jerky children get a well-deserved pants-peeing scare.


Doggie food truck trend refuses to die

Seven bucks on a treat for your pooch is NOTHING when you realize you get to scoop it up later, too.

Newly licensed pilot aims to cross the Atlantic in an electric airplane

The idea is to do what Charles Lindbergh did — but in an electric plane.


We’re jealous we weren’t invited to this awesome abandoned subway station party

It was a two-hour event (with no bathrooms) where everyone was told to bring a candle, a flashlight, and 20 bucks, and kept in the dark about everything else.


Giant train-inspired cake took 30 hours and more than 1,200 pounds of icing to build

To celebrate its anniversary, the Heathrow Express made a GIANT, 13-foot-long cake in the shape of a train car.


New thing to fear: Poop raining down on you from airplanes

An Ontario woman had the joy of crap leaking out of an airplane and plummeting into her swimming pool.


Please do not shoot the world’s oldest wild bear

So 39 is now considered "old, old, old." Great. JUST GREAT.

Biodegradable bamboo car is like driving a lawn chair

It's lightweight, electric-powered, biodegradable, handcrafted, and probably makes you look like a bozo.