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A Chinese group has been selling fox and rat meat as mutton

This isn't the only group selling sketchy meat in China: Police say they've arrested 904 people for similar offenses.


This is what happens when you don’t double-check your GPS

You know cars can't climb stairs. We know cars can't climb stairs. But this driver, and more importantly his GPS, did not seem to know that cars can't climb stairs.

Business & Technology

This nuclear plant tried to fix a leak with plastic, tape, and broomsticks

That's fine if you're a college kid with a leaky pipe in a house that you pay $200 a month for to a landlord who lives in the Bahamas. But this is a nuclear power plant!

Business & Technology

Watch a solar plane fly across America

The current leg of its trip will take the plane from California to Phoenix, but Solar Impulse is in it for the long haul, crossing the entire country in the next few weeks.


Tourists are making stingrays fat, mean, and insomniac

Stingrays bring huge amounts of tourism money into the Cayman Islands. And what do they get in return? A crappy diet and a messed-up sleep schedule.


Scientists found five kinds of unidentified fungi in Capri Sun

Capri Sun has mold in it. Five kinds. It's like kombucha, but in a handy little pouch, and not on purpose!


Make your commute more exciting with these Super Mario transit maps

Dave Delisle's maps imagine your commute as a trek through classic games.


These flowerpot roof tiles let you make any roof into a green roof

The designer says the idea is about "transforming a stone city to an overgrown city" and that the tiles are "stepping stones for wildlife in the city."


How a public school in Queens went vegetarian

The food sounds pretty darn good.

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