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Gray whale spotted south of the equator for the first time ever

According to the Guardian, some scientists are "speculating that this much-hunted great whale -- reduced to near extinction in the 20th century -- is regaining ancient migratory routes.


A 70-degree weather swing had South Dakotans change from parkas to bikinis in one day

One day, the temperature was 22 degrees F. The next day, it was 92.


This app helps you avoid supporting Monsanto and other terrible companies

Scan a product with Buycott, and it analyzes the insane web of corporate ownership in order to tell you exactly what terrible policies you'd be supporting if you bought that cereal.


This concept bike has a built-in filter to clean crappy air

The energy you put into pedaling this bike powers an air purifier so you can breathe better. Unless it rains and the whole thing electrocutes you.


Taco Bell has invented the waffle taco

Taco Bell is testing a waffle taco. It's the end of days. Or it's the greatest news ever.


This (theoretical) house is entirely powered by exercise

How would you like to have a house where every room was a workout station? How would you like it if that house was named after Jane Fonda?


Don’t get backyard chickens unless you are prepared to kill them

It's pretty simple, really. Hens lay eggs until they're about three. And then they live for five to seven years after that.


London may soon be drinking recycled sewage

And 63 percent of people who took a totally unscientific Guardian poll said they would be fine with this.


Determined kids in small California town push for plastic bag ban

A group of NorCal kids who kept a park open with their efforts have now turned their attention to single-use plastic bags.

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