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Stunningly beautiful video makes San Francisco’s fog look like something out of a fairy tale

People bellyache about San Francisco's iconic fog, but that's because they've never seen it like this.


Yelp’s new city maps help you avoid hipsters

Yelp created word maps for 14 cities identifying which areas have the highest mention of "hipster," "PBR," and similar terms.


Mice have taste receptors in their testicles. Do you?

Have you ever rubbed nuts ON your nuts? Because maybe you should.

Business & Technology

Watch a miniature dwarf horse learn to use his custom wheelchair

Dwarf miniature horse Roozer Brews is really glad to be living in the future.


This weird-looking orca might actually be its own species

The Type D orca has a slightly hooked fin, snoutlike nose, and smaller white spot than other orcas. BUT WHAT WILL ITS RAPPER NAME BE?


16-year-old has finally succeeded in making plastic out of banana peels

A few years ago, Elif Bilgin, now 16, began thinking about slimy, used banana peels in an entirely new light.


Mongolia’s most unlikely new environmentalists also happen to be neo-Nazis

But there are plenty of Mongolian environmentalists who don't also happen to be neo-Nazis, too.


Obama played with this electricity-generating soccer ball, and you can too

We are impressed!


Follow live tweets from the world’s first tweeting honey badger

Honey badger just don't care ... about anything except live-tweeting from the Johannesburg Zoo.