Grist List

Climate & Energy

Adorable comic strip asks, “What if climate change were just some douchebag living in your house?”

Climate change: the worst houseguest ever.


The Prozac in your pee makes fish anxious and aggressive

Fish are getting antisocial and even homicidal because antidepressants in our pee -- and improperly treated waste water -- are interfering with their brain development.


Scary-funny parody site Kochify the News simulates a Koch-owned media

Ever wonder what a Koch-owned L.A. Times would look like? Hint: Jerry Brown is renamed Governor Moonbeam.


This is what your supermarket would look like if all the bees died off

Whole Foods did a little experiment and pulled all produce pollinated by bees. The resulting photo is crazy.


Video of divers encountering a humpback whale will remove all the stress from your day

Feeling anxious today? Take a trip with us under the sea.

Business & Technology

Recycling, solar, and wind power team up to make a terrifying crab robot

This upsetting robot might just be the future of green technology.


The internet has some advice for you on recycling old clothes

Today in "proof that crowdsourcing works," Jezebel commenters clearly know WAY more about clothing recycling than one of the site's authors.


Flying bike and jet-powered bike make your fixie look lame

Czech smarties create a flying bike, and Brits make a jet-powered one. Meanwhile, my bike won't even make me a sandwich.


This video about the gross side of food will ruin your appetite for basically everything

BuzzFeed has collected all the least appetizing food facts into one handy video.