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U.S. exit signs use as much power as West Virginia

The country's 100 million lighted exit signs use 30 to 35 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity every year

New startup measures your home’s efficiency just by taking a picture

Forty percent of energy in the United States is used to heat buildings and homes. Only some of that goes to actually sparing your whiny ass from getting up and putting on a sweater, though. The rest — billions of dollars worth — just leaks out your windows and doors. But a new company could help you figure out where you’re losing energy and money, just by taking a snapshot of your house. It’s pretty important that we step up our  heating/cooling efficiency — because man, you weenies waste a LOT of energy while trying to ensure that the ambient …

Gaza’s first electric car is made of recycled materials and cost less than $1,000

It’s always heartwarming when someone who lives somewhere completely fucked manages to do something useful to improve their circumstances, and, in turn, to make the place they live slightly less fucked. Gaza resident and taxi driver Munthar al-Qassas was tired of waiting in the hot sun to buy gas during the region’s ongoing gas shortage. But did the 32-year-old former political science major just throw up his hands and sit around reading Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling? He did not. Instead, he created an electric car — Gaza’s very first — from all recycled materials, at a cost of under $1,000. 

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