Elon Musk, Google’s shareholders, and every venture capitalist in Silicon Valley may be chomping at their platinum-plated bits to get driverless cars on the roads — but actual drivers, it turns out, are less interested, according to a new poll from The University of Michigan Sustainable Worldwide Transportation. Researchers found that only 15.5 percent of respondents would be interested in an autonomous vehicle.

These findings reflect those of a poll from Morning Consult conducted earlier this year, in which 51 percent of respondents said they would not ride in a driverless car, 63 percent said they are unlikely to buy one in the next decade, and 43 percent said that driverless cars aren’t safe. Votes tended to be split along age and gender, with young people and men more likely to show interest in the burgeoning technology than older folks and women.

Despite lack of consumer interest, tech heads are going all-in on autonomous vehicles. Tesla founder Elon Musk has predicted the technology will be ready in just two years, and Google expects to have a model ready for the market inside a decade, as The Hill reports.