Climate & Energy

The Ocean Health Index will let us measure how horrible we are over time

The global rating of 60 out of 100 barely scratches the surface on the depth of information contained in this new evaluation tool.


Fukushima butterflies show signs of mutation

And, worse -- mutations were seen in offspring born far from the radioactivity.


Critical buzz: Thousands of volunteers count bees to help scientists save them

On Saturday, pollination enthusiasts across the country participated in The Great Bee Count to help scientists stay on top of dwindling honeybee and native bee populations.


Ask Umbra: Can I toss these old bullets in a lake?

A readers asks about disposing of unwanted ammunition. Umbra sets her sights on a solution.


There might be way more lead in your tap water than you think

An EPA effort to reduce the amount of lead in our water systems may inadvertently have made the problem worse in some cases.

Climate & Energy

California sees gas prices rise, electricity strained because of karma

No, seriously, we love California! Sorry about Prop 13.


This couple moved all their worldly possessions using only bikes

Moving is stressful, and most of us deal with it by renting a ginormo truck, dumping our stuff in it (or bribing our buddies to dump our stuff in it), and hoping that nothing in our newspaper-packed boxes breaks. But …


Umbra’s second helpings: The good kind of inflation [VIDEO]

Feeling the pressure of high gas prices? Umbra's pumped to show you how properly inflated tires save oil and money.


Singapore’s terrible new rap video demands you have procreative sex tonight

If you can’t make it beyond the first 30 seconds of wretched rap in this public service ad campaign, here’s the basic gist: It’s Aug. 9! Happy National Night! Now please, please save Singapore’s flagging population by putting your genitals …