Back to the land again: Folk schools teach skills for modern-day survival

A new generation of homesteaders heads to the woods to learn about beekeeping, artisanal bread making, how to make an electric car -- you know, the basics.

Scientists have discovered a tiny lost continent under the Indian Ocean

Mauritia once connected India and Madagascar, before sinking deep under the Indian Ocean.

Shareable’s Neal Gorenflo wants to share with you

Neal Gorenflo, founder and publisher of Shareable, chatted with Grist readers about the sharing economy. Check out a replay of the chat.

This map shows you where to find love in every state of the union

Public transit lovers who want to meet Mr. or Ms. Right should hang out in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, D.C., Oregon, or Washington.

Once a year, this waterfall looks like a stream of falling lava

Photographers trek to the park in that brief window to catch the red, streaming falls, with beautiful results.

Opening Pandora’s Lunchbox: Processed foods are even scarier than you thought

Writer Melanie Warner spent a year and a half exploring the processed-food industry. Here are her unappetizing discoveries.

Can Yahoo be more ‘efficient’ with more workers driving to the office?

What could this decision mean for other telecommuters, and for the planet?

Socially and sexually deviant species of octopus shares room with preteen girl

They discovered a new kind of octopus. In the 70's. But we're just talking about it now because it's roomates with a 10-year-old girl.

A meat-lover's guide to going vegetarian

How now, happy cow? Why I deferred my reckoning with meat

Six weeks without meat left our provisional vegetarian still hungering for flesh, so she visited some farms and gave herself more time to think it over.