For Open Data Day, green hacks and snacks

On Saturday, hackers the world over will team up to create sweet apps to improve cities and the environment.

Obviously you want to watch this dog feed a baby lamb from a bottle

If you don't really need to watch this after the week you've had, then just ... go away. Get out of here with your perfect life.

Artist teaches bugs to build awesome jeweled sculptures

Caddisfly larvae build themselves little houses out of whatever's around. So if you leave gold and jewels around, their property values shoot up.

This billboard sucks water out of the air and delivers it to families below

Taking advantage of Lima’s high humidity levels, engineers have created a system to gather the water through reverse osmosis, purify, and send it down, clean, to families below.

Switzerland had one wild bear, and now it’s dead

Brown bears like M13 aren't considered a threatened species in Europe. Just threatening enough that humans can't tolerate them.

These are the youngest wild tigers ever captured on film

These four tiger cubs are only 10 days old, and they're clearly a pain in their mom's majestic ass.

Wag the God: Looking for easy answers at the Creation Museum

Standup comedian Jim Meyer visits the state-of-the-art, evolution-denying center of the evangelical universe, and finds that not everyone gets the joke.

Watch rescuers save an injured bald eagle hit by a car on the highway

A real bald eagle was hit by a car. Please think good thoughts about him and remember he is actually an eagle, not an emblem.

We are learning mosquitoes are basically invincible

We share this news during the winter in order to prevent a panic.