Learning curveball

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 4: A disgusting mess

The bounty of week 4.(Jennifer Prediger photos) Welcome to week four of my CSA experience, which I’m chronicling here in this Urbivore’s Dilemma series. This week’s CSA bounty included Bibb lettuce, mustard greens, sorrel, raspberries, …

red, white, blue, and green

Ask Umbra’s Pearls of Wisdom on Independence Day

Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave to a greener Fourth of July?Photo courtesy of Hryck via flickr It’s 4th of July weekend!  Time to “ooh” and “aah” and eat things on buns with …

Pepper doctor

Savory fruit salads are a 4th of July taste revolution

(April McGreger photos) We all know the 4th of July routine: fireworks, grilling, and all-American pies for dessert. But unlike Thanksgiving, no side dishes traditionally stand out. This year, don’t get stuck eating potato salad …

come tread on me

The green gym rat’s bicycle of choice

Photo: frankh via Flickr Cycling on a bike inside an eco-gym is OK for some people, I guess. But for those who want the kind of workout that only a gym can offer and still …

cold frontmen

In today’s weather forecast, we’ll be seeing high-pressure areas of climate skepticism

Sure, Americans may trust scientists slightly more than weathercasters, but few people actually know a scientist. On the other hand, pretty much everyone knows their trusty TV weathercaster, that cheery presence who tells them whether …


The ‘American’ section of an ethnic food aisle

What with the Fourth of July holiday around the corner, I’m embracing all things Americana, such as this video of the U.S. food section in the ethnic aisle of a German grocery store. However, by …

The unflagging fight

This week, declare your independence from dirty energy

Pledge your allegiance to clean energy: declare your independence from dirty energyPhoto courtesy of NREL This weekend, we celebrate America’s independence from Britain. Brave people — the fathers and mothers of our country — stood …

rack 'em up

One way to make cycling more appealing: offer better bike storage

Nearly every major city in the world wants to get more of its residents on bicycles, as transportation hotshot Tom Vanderbilt notes in Slate today. And with good reason: compared to driving, cycling is healthier, …

Don't mess with Texas air

Robert Cluck: Texas doctor, Republican mayor, clean-air champ

Deceptively clear skies over Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.Courtesy jacorbett70 via FlickrPhysician Robert Cluck spends his mornings working at Arlington Memorial Hospital and his afternoons as mayor of Arlington, Texas, a city of 375,000 that has …

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