You can never have enough storage

New Agtivist: Chris Chaisson wants to root around in your cellar

Chris Chaisson and Whole Farm Services offer farmers, gardeners, and communities an array of very old-school -- now very hip -- crop storage services. From root cellars to ice houses, these technologies may just become …

All we are saying is give trees a chance

Ask Umbra on living holiday trees and other options

What?s the most sustainable sapling to celebrate with? Ask Umbra?s holiday primer on live trees, cut trees, fake trees, and more will settle the score


Smart readers weigh in on behavior change

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post on behavior change that prompted a lot of great feedback and discussion. I've picked out a few interesting bits and pieces from the thread to highlight and …

Beet them, join them

At Youth Farm, kids learn where food comes from and how to enjoy it [VIDEO]

In honor of Congress finally voting on the long-awaited, yet disappointing Childhood Nutrition Reauthorization act, here's a look at a much more effective way to get kids to eat kale and other vegetables.

Embracing your inner housewife

Today’s DIY women: Post-'domestic’?

I grow, knit, preserve, and cook. But I am pretty far from being what I think of as “traditional.”

local Leed-ers

Ten affordable neighborhoods-in-progress will design to LEED-ND standards under grant program

A series of grant winners are leading efforts to strengthen surrounding neighborhoods.

Going to the bogs

Cranberry farm struggles to stay organic [VIDEO]

The Jonjak Family Cranberry Farm is one of the few organic cranberry bogs in the country, but unfortunately, it might not be organic for much longer.

Tom's kitchen

Thai game: artfully disposing of a meat surplus

Confronted with a sudden surplus of meat, I went Thai'd one on a chuck roast. And I didn't regret it.

Beauty is the Beast

Ask Umbra on potentially toxic hair and nail salon treatments

Ask Umbra weighs in with some healthy alternatives to the potentially poisonous salon scene.