Take a frickin’ walk.

The percentage of people who report walking at least once for 10 minutes or more in the previous week rose from 56% (2005) to 62% (2010).

That’s from the CDC. America! Seriously? Thirty-eight percent of us don’t walk for 10 minutes or more in a given week? Are you serious? A 10-minute walk is like a trip around a regular-sized block. Hey, also? It’s summer. Pretty decent walk-taking weather! Too hot in the afternoon? Take a walk in the morning! Too cold in the morning? Too rainy? Too tiring? I do not care. Take a walk.

Don’t know what this symbol represents? This article is for you! (Photo by Marijus Auruskevicius / Shutterstock.)

Also: if you’re sitting there right now, laughing at the schlubs who don’t take walks: How many do you take, tough guy? One? Two? Take more. You should be walking right now, in fact. If you’re not rocking one of these treadmill desks, you’re being lazy.