wind turbine
What Mitt Romney might call a “devil flower.” (Photo by Eric Tastad.)

Last week, we told you about Mitt Romney’s visit to Colorado, made a smidge uncomfortable by his suggesting that he wanted all Coloradans to get fired from their jobs and, worse, move to Wyoming. Well, not really. He only wanted people who worked in the wind industry to lose their jobs, and he didn’t take a public position on their state of residence.

If the production tax credit for wind energy — due to expire at the end of the year — isn’t renewed, thousands of people in Colorado could lose their jobs. Not to mention some of their wind power — an energy source that provided a record-setting percentage of power to the state’s biggest utility on a day in April.

During the early morning hours of April 15, with a steady breeze blowing down Colorado’s Front Range, the state’s biggest utility set a U.S. record — nearly 57% of the electricity being generated was coming from wind power.