The New York Times Magazine’s Christoph Niemann, who you might remember from the time he live-illustrated the New York marathon while running it, is now in London sketching the Olympics. This time, he’s playing around with his usual format; instead of just filing drawings of the event, he’s sending back his impressions in the form of little playable Flash games. Which means that you can get caught up in the action of Olympic cycling from the comfort of your laptop. (He also did games for badminton, javelin, fencing, getting lost, diving, taking the Tube, drawing Usain Bolt, field hockey, and rock-paper-scissors. But we know you guys. You want the cycling.)

In “Road Kill,” your objective is to stand on the track texting until just the right moment, then jump over all the approaching bikers.

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And in his newest, “Road Race,” your goal is to keep recurring character LeBron James ahead of the pack:

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It’s basically the next best thing to being there yourself!