Microbes on a pot leaf

Marijuana might be the “Ferrari” of THC production, but could yeast be the Tesla?

Not yet, but scientists have shown that genetically modified microbes can make THC in small amounts.

nuclear power plant

Study asks: What would it take for a nuclear-powered world?

About 35 years, a big shift in public opinion, and some serious cash.

Burning earth
There goes Antarctica!

You don’t even wanna know what happens if we burn all the fossil fuels

But it involves no more Antarctic ice and WAY more ocean.

New York’s natural gas pipelines are leakier than your grandpa

Old infrastructure is spewing a greenhouse gas all over Manhattan.

A surprising link between superintelligent robots, global warming, and mass extinction? Nope, not really

It takes a lot of scientific stretching to suggest robots will rise from the ashes of climate change. But apparently this is an argument.

Why you should fix your iPhone instead of buying a new one

Planned obsolescence is out of control.

Melting ice bits in the sea

Climate change will destroy the planet’s circulatory system

You never thought you cared so much about ocean currents ... until now! Two new studies suggest that melting ice sheets could disrupt the oceans' flow.


You owe the world $12,000 for burning all those fossil fuels

A new study calculates countries' carbon debts.

Massachusetts has a bunch of new roadside solar panels. Too bad they’re so ugly

The state wants to power 240,000 homes with solar power by 2020.