Greener pastures

A top environmental activist isn’t so sure about the Green Party presidential candidate’s green cred.

Jane Kleeb questions Jill Stein's commitment to the cause.


Undocumented immigrants still face unique obstacles in Flint’s water crisis.

Some residents can't even get blood tests or follow-up care.

Sharing Ain't Always Caring

Airbnb is trying to address its racism problem.

In an email to users, co-founder Brian Chesky outlined the steps Airbnb plans to take to address discrimination.

Now you see ice ...

This is what near-record-low Arctic sea ice looks like.

Curdled milk.

The smog of war

Surprise! Climate change did not come up at this week’s presidential forum on national security.

Neither Clinton nor Trump mentioned it, even though global warming is a bigger threat to human life than terrorism.

"Fair and balanced"

Fox News acknowledged climate change, then promptly took it back.

For a minute there, Fox was on the same page as everyone else.

Hunger aims

Way too many Americans have to worry about feeding themselves.

Things are getting better, but they are still embarrassingly bad.

Hip Hip Hmm

Let’s all give a small, slightly restrained cheer for Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is increasingly running on renewable energy -- perhaps, however, at cost to its local ecosystems.


Big Oil is backing Hillary Clinton. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She's raking in twice as much oil money as Trump.