All Trump-ed out, Chris Christie goes home to block funding for lead-poisoned families

Chris Christie isn't going to be winning any popularity votes.

Climate & Energy

Corals are in the middle of a “global bleaching event.” Here’s what that means

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China’s greenhouse emissions might already have peaked

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Climate & Energy

There’s an important ballot fight in Florida between big power companies and the solar industry

A misleading ballot measure backed by utilities could hamper the growth of solar power in one of the sunniest states.


Hillary Clinton has a new tune on fracking

Bernie Sanders' answer is more straightforward.

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A drying Great Salt Lake spells trouble for Utah

Diverting more water from the lake could pose serious health and economic threats.


Map: 116 environmental activists were killed in just one year

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Here are the countries that are the best — and worst — at protecting the environment

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