I bet you thought that with the end of the election, you were done hearing about the “War on Coal.” That is because you do not understand how wars work. In a war, you have a series of skirmishes and battles. The end of one battle does not mean the war is over, people. Look it up in a history book. And so the “War on Coal” continues even to this day, except not really, because it is made up.

Ron CogswellRevenuers are comin’ for your coal.

Tuesday night saw the culmination of the non-war’s biggest battle: the battle for Washington. The winner was obvious. From Politico:

Mitt Romney’s strategy for picking up coal country was simple: paint President Barack Obama as the enemy of the region’s important industry.

But millions of dollars in advertising later, Obama still picked up Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia — states Romney needed desperately, leaving him with only West Virginia. …