Industries get a break on tracking and disclosing dangerous chemicals

The Department of Homeland Security late last week released rules requiring industries to track and disclose large amounts of chemicals potentially alluring to terrorists. Draft regulations released in the spring had been heavily criticized by …

So much for the new black

New Kaiser poll reveals voter priorities

These answers are from a new Kaiser Foundation poll: —– What do you think is the most important problem for the president and Congress to address? Is there another problem you think is almost as …

Bush vetoes water bill, Congress likely to override

True to his word, President Bush has vetoed a bill authorizing $23 billion in nationwide water projects. Chances are good that Congress will override his naysaying, perhaps even this week. Stay tuned.

U.S. Mayors Climate Conference: House climate change committee hearing

Sparks fly when the mayors meet the Congressfolk

The last event at this weekend’s mayors conference was a field hearing by the House global warming committee. The witnesses were: Mayor Bloomberg, City of New York Mayor Diaz, City of Miami, Florida Mayor Nickels, …

The green gap

A lovely video on Time

Over on Swampland, Ana Marie Cox has a nice video on "the green gap" between the parties, triggering off Grist’s campaign coverage.


The Congressional Budget Office savages the Lieberman-Warner approach to climate change pol

America’s Climate Security Act, the Senate climate bill offered by Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.), offers enormous giveaways to the nation’s biggest polluters, in the form of billions of dollars worth of free …

Clinton's climate and energy plan

Some reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of Hillary’s new proposal

Efficiency and permit auctions and R&D, oh my! Hillary Clinton released her comprehensive energy and climate plan today. It is thoughtful, comprehensive, and though disappointingly conventional in a few areas, inspiringly bold in others. With …

Louisiana will crack down on oil industry waste-disposal practices

Oil companies accustomed to a hodgepodge of regulation will soon see stricter oversight from a new initiative in Louisiana, which will pool the resources of 15 state and federal offices to crack down on Big …

Farm Bill: Support Dorgan-Grassley

Call your senator today

As most people following the story know by now, the 2007 Farm Bill is looking pretty grim with respect to fundamental reform. The U.S. government seems hell-bent on pushing a policy that on balance rewards …