The average American lawn is one-fifth of an acre, or 8,712 square feet. That’s a lot of passes with your push reel mower. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just hire some goats, cows, or guinea pigs to take care of it for you?, a real estate company, is helping you plan your livestock yard care by calculating how many animals of different sorts it would take to mow your lawn in one day.

Let’s find out what it would take to mow the average American lawn, shall we?

First, decide what animals you’d like.

I choose chickens! Because then you can eat their eggs, as well. Now, how big’s your lawn? I don’t actually have one, so I’ll let my imaginary chickens loose on the average American lawn.

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How many chickens will I need??

Holy balls, 232 is a lot of chickens. And probably way more eggs than I can eat. But at least I get the fertilizer from their poop?

If you don’t want 232 birds worth of chicken droppings, though, you could also go with: one cow, seven goats, 15 sheep, or 348 guinea pigs. Now you know.

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