Guess what will happen if orangutans’ habitats are compromised to the point where there isn’t sufficient fruit? THEY WILL EAT SLOW LORISES, THAT’S WHAT. Dude, we need to do everything we can to prevent this from happening.

Orangutans are normally vegetarian, but they’re not above eating a loris if fruit is scarce. They do it Little Bunny Foo-Foo style, knocking a loris out of the tree to conk it out and then stunning it by biting it on the head. But despite all the elements being there — orangutans, slow lorises, head-bopping — there is nothing adorable about it. And that is a crime.

New Scientist has a video of orangutans eating a loris, but we’re not gonna make you watch it. You can watch this classic slow loris video instead.

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