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Hey, remember the Decorah Eagle Cam? If you don’t, you probably never saw a baby eagle hatch on live streaming video, you poor fool. But now you have another chance! The mom eagle at the Decorah, Iowa fish hatchery is … pregnant? Do birds get “pregnant”? Anyway, let’s say she has a frittata in the oven. And she’s going to lay those eggs any day now, at which point you can begin obsessively monitoring them for signs of wee tiny eaglets.

There’s not much to see yet, but check back often — the first egg showed up on Feb. 23 last year. Here’s what that looked like, so you can recognize it when you see it:

The eggs should take a little over a month to hatch, and the eaglets start getting eagle training lessons (like how to fly) about three months later. Best part: baby eagles totally come out looking like Doc Brown.

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Photo by USFWS.

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