Terrafugia Transition

On a wing and a prayer

It’s a car … it’s a plane … it’s the Terrafugia Transition. Part car and part airplane, this hybrid combines the best of two pollutey products into one scary contraption. We’re sure it’ll take off!

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Watering can and green grass

The lawn and short of it

You know what they say: the grass is always greener when you spray paint it.

Blue Scholars

Name that tune

Seattle hip-hop duo Blue Scholars are seeking inspiration for their next song. May we suggest an eco-muse? Say, green jobs or global warming or “coal is the enemy of the human race“? And then can we call you the Green Scholars?

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Climate Change Chocolate bar

Taking the bar

Oh, Climate Change Chocolate. You tickle our tastebuds and calm our consciences. How sweet!

Biodegradable McDonald's packaging

We’re lovin’ it

Hungry for change in the wasteful world of fast food, a bright Brit has designed biodegradable food packaging bags that fold out into trays. And speaking of playing with your food, check out this burger-grease masterpiece.