Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.), authors of the draft climate bill in the House that was hotly debated last week, announced on Monday that they will wait until next week to offer the bill up for amendments. That process had originally been planned to take place in the Energy and Environment Subcommittee this week. 

“The hearings have spurred productive discussions between members on the legislation, which are continuing this week,” they wrote.

Moderate Democrats on the panel have circulated a list of proposed changes they’d like to see in the bill before they move to debate. Meanwhile, Republicans on the panel — many of whom don’t believe climate change is actually a problem — have requested another day of hearings on the topic. Under House rules, the majority is obligated to grant their request.

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But that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it. Waxman and Markey issued a letter to the committee’s minority leadership in response, listing the dozens of hearings they’ve already held on the topic over the past two years.

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“Your request was surprising given the extensive hearings the Committee has held on energy policy and legislation,” wrote the two Democrats. “Our extensive hearings and the many accommodations we have provided to the minority far surpass the process you provided Democrats when you and your Republican predecessors controlled the Committee.”

Oh, snap!

We’ll have more when the minority hearing is scheduled, and when there’s a schedule for markup.

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