Will.i.am of the Black Eyed PeasWilling.i.am
This Black Green-eyed Pea wants a White House job. If hired, we imagine his boardroom beats might go something like this: “Yo ‘Bama, (boom boom boom) we gotta get-get this climate bill signed!”


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Keepin’ it green
A rap about MPGs and “huggin’ mad trees”? You couldn’t Prius away.

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unicyclePhoto: Kyle Jones via FlickrWheel deal
If two wheels are better than four (thanks, recession!), then surely one wheel is the best deal. Especially if it’s self-balancing. And even more especially if you refer to it as a SBU.










Because the environmental movement isn’t struggling enough with its image
Forget American Idol. The search is on for America’s Organic Idol. And from the looks of these audition tapes, it’s gonna be a tight race. (Almost as tight as those jeans!)


The root of the problem
Really, Kleenex? You’ve created a tree that dispenses tissues? The irony is enough to make us — sniff, sniff — reach for our hankies.