Each time I set out to pen one of my climate-news poems, I try really hard not to make it bouncy and rhyming. But terrible bouncy rhymes seem to flow in my veins. It’s a curse, to write such verse! So this week I promised myself I’d experiment with blank verse — and hey, why not dabble in a little friendly plagiarism while I’m at it. Without the knowledge or permission of fellow climate-news summarizer Eric Roston, I’ve repurposed the quite lovely introduction to his most recent column. Because he’s a poet and he don’t … uh … recognize it.

The U.S. Congress fast-tracks climate legislation,
international negotiators hash through
the first “negotiating text”
for year-end global talks in Germany,
and big businesses start counting their carbon.

The pile of climate stories this week
predicted New England sea levels.

Maine oceanNo shore thing.Helvetiq via flickr