WussyWussy grew out of the remains of the Ass Ponys.

(Lemme just pause a moment to savor writing that sentence …)

The Ass Ponys labored at the fringes of indie stardom for years in the early oughts. After they flamed out, singer/guitarist Chuck Cleaver pulled together a new band called Wussy in 2005. Turns out the missing ingredient was a feisty, combative, cracked-voice female counterpart to sing to/at. He found that in Lisa Walker, whose alternately plaintive and rageful voice ties Cleaver’s to earth and gives the band a unique sound and mood.

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Their latest, eponymous LP is actually their third. I love the first two, and just got started listening to this one. This song, “Maglite,” is great.

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Hm, having finished this, I see I FMB’d Wussy back in 2007. That breaks my once-per-band rule. But since nobody reads these, much less cares about my rules, I suppose it doesn’t matter!