Heath LedgerPhoto: Howie Berlin via FlickrNo joker
Oscar-worthy performances and a waltzing Matilda definitely make the list of 10 things we love about you, Heath Ledger. Now we’re adding your grimm music video and devotion to animal rights.




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Elmer's glue bottlesPhoto: .imelda via FlickrBreaking wind news
To protest the closure of a Vestas turbine plant, seven activists glued themselves together. We think it’d have been funnier more effective if they’d glued themselves to the actual turbine blades … but that’s just us.





Shower curtain call
Ways to save the Brazilian rainforest: peeing in the shower! Also, not clearcutting.


Rosary and BiblePhoto: bhsher via FlickrAha!
Source of man-made global warming traced to devout alpine community.







Sunburn victimPhoto: Genosfear via FlickrBlow by blow
Wind Turbine Syndrome may be just a bunch of hot air, but that doesn’t mean that renewable energy isn’t hazardous to your health. See: Solar Panel Syndrome (aka sunburn) and Hydropower Syndrome (aka drowning).