Fancy pants
These little eco-friendly “soy shorts” are made from tofu by-products, allowing you to help save planet earth starting with Uranus.

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Prince of times
Really, Prince Charles? You’re the first royal to use social networking to support a cause and you choose MySpace and “saving the rainforest”? Dude, it’s 2009.

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LEED-rated Broadway theaterPut on a happy face
They say the future of sustainability is bright on Broadway. This September, Bye Bye Birdie will say hello in the first LEED-rated performance space in NYC. We say: Encore! Encore!

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Bricks made from cow dungPhoto: EcoFaeBrickShit a brick
Cow poop: It does a building good.

Old ironysides
Proof Mother Nature has a sense of humor: An eco-expedition team that had set sail on a 5,000-mile carbon emission-free trip to Greenland hit bad weather, capsized, and had to be rescued. By an oil tanker.

Life preserverPhoto: ryanleynse via Flickr