chris joss presents monomaniacs volume 1I apologize to FMB’s five fans — I’ve slacked off the last few weeks. But 2010 music is rolling out, and lots of it is good, so I’m going to try to be more regular about it.

I don’t know much about Chris Joss beyond the fact that he’s a French producer that specializes in retro funk filtered through a turntable mentality. I do know that his new album — Chris Joss Presents Monomaniacs Volume 1, slated for release on Monday — is just what I needed today.

“Monomaniac” is right: it’s basically 40 straight minutes of wordless ’70s cop show soundtrack. No, wait, more like a ’70s porno, the first scene, where a comely lady is pulled over by a state trooper with a large mustache — the soundtrack for that. You don’t want this stuff in overly large doses, but 40 minutes is about right.

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