A few reader comments worth highlighting from this story on envisioning a sustainable future:


We need a film, 2 hours in length, with a plot and story line, that shows the world in 2050 if we do what we know we should to solve environmental problems. Who could produce that? George Lucas, James Cameron?


Well, we have the 90-minute polished film that shows the world in 2050 if we DON’T do what’s needed – it’s called the Age of Stupid http://vimeo.com/6143388


@Saucerman But it is precisely because of all the DOWNER films that we need one we can show so that kids especially can see that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. I saw Inconvenient Truth and Age of Stupid and then said, it is time somebody said “I have a dream!” not “Lets have a nightmare.”

We all know how bad it could be. Who is courageous and foresighted enough to tell us how good it can be? People work toward goals, not away from them.