Bunny in a dryerOne bunny in a dryer yields three urns.Cleaning out the mass of lint, dog and human hair, dirt, and dust that collects in the dryer always makes me retch just a bit, but Oregon-based mortician Elizabeth Fournier, known as the Green Reaper, obviously has a stronger stomach than I do (from dealing with the dead all day, one would assume) because she puts that dryer lint amalgamation to use to make a sort of papier-mâché urn. As in the thing you keep someone’s ashes in post-cremation.

“The stuff that ends up in the dryer’s lint trap is good fabric and sometimes there’s hair, which is a good binder as well,” Fournier told AOL News.

She rounds out the recipe for a biodegradable and inexpensive urn (conventional ones can run upward of $1,000) with flour and water. Mmm, nothing like mixing up a batch of lint, hair, flour, and water to hold the remains of your dead loved one.

Eco-friendly? Sure. Inexpensive? Absolutely. Kinda gross? Pardon while I go regurgitate my morning muffin.

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